“Free ma.”

How many, Sarah?

“Free ma”

Cecily’s heart fills with laugher. “How many?”

“Ma, I told you! Free!”

The heart felt across years. Enough for her to recall and laugh until her dying day.

“And then you said, FREE.”

oh holy binding non-bending number of importance and solitity

I wonder of the equality of a square, the simpicity of a circle, the slaves of a pyramid.

Oh, pact between third-eye, heart and shoulders,
practiced from youth
tapped into my psyche

I think i’ve learnt to count numbers,
slide across fractions
piece shapes
feel colours
spell out your language with a slain mother tongue
so if you knock knock, whose there on the inside
is a sphinx shaped minataur
somewhere in between
free and free
and free and

I dont really remember, but I am glad you did.
enough for my heart to fill
with the sweetest taboo
like a woman in somalia
a soldier of love
is a diva
'cause diamonds are forever