Under the ice and water covering 2167 the only thing found on the blue planet, we extracted some strange manuscripts all somehow relating to the pourosity and the ”more than” that that species seemed to embody. be it the bodies of the more than. Someone described this more than human a seemingly contained skinsac yet leaking in its form and feeling claiming some type of individuality in past manuscripts found in forms they call politics, poetics and position.

We extracted these documents from a usb flesh found presumably swallowed by a walrus that we found frozen in a downward-shape maze interestedly observed called tower. Rain kept pouring down in specific 120/3 tempo, planet was breathing 27 clientele wings per blasting and the ground soft and welcoming. The sun was enjoying themselves see and we said thank you to everyone involved and left a gift of Holocene circles in return. This is what we managed to extract from the damaged flesh. It seems to be some sort of manuscript from their year of 2o2o. We share it as if was found and translated for the opinion of the public please post comments below with any questions and concerns.