The Last Wage

What is everyone’s opportunity, and why do I make that argument?

George continues to address the small crowd around the dinner table.

Because every defect in a person, and in the ways others have of taking them, can be cured with this one, singular element. It is our true exchange. Beyond words. And your admittance, publicly - rudely even - that it’s now the time for something to change hands. Our agreement upon it gives us tolerance, to rise above. It is the only thing that truly makes us bonded.

George clears his throat but does not fear those around him will now lose interest.

But who is the loudest to call for it?

George scans the faces that surround him. He is about to say, and there is a murmur of disagreement. George shakes his head, silently.

It is true, for my effrontery at our meal a moment ago, some would have seen me… But the value given the thing restrained. You see? Our utility in connection to it. And because of my element those at the other tables deferred to that restraint. It confers power. And it shows a hard kind of truth. That the spirit of business runs through everyone, whether they know it or not.

George sits and there are noises from around the table. A chair shudders and another begins to speak, though from where they sit.

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