The Goodbye library section of Babel

I feel that in this weird and wonderful place, the space that is Babel Between us, there ought to be a library section of goodbyes. (I imagine this whole space as an old and weird library where the books whisper their stories at you when you enter and anything you read can and will change you).

I think it will be nice, that even should the goodbyes be buried far down (I don’t know how long this project will continue on), you could easily access them here.

(I will probably leave before long, so I hope someone else will fill in the rest once that has happened.)

Player 1 by pulling the lever.

Kerak by drinking the potion.

SilverRose who was restrained and put back into the hole.

Fel who has yet to leave but who stands with a foot in the door.


EdgarSwift who went out for more ink and had the gate locked behind him.


Maud who left the house to go get on with life.

Bainsdrookel who went to play on the next level of the Urgame.