Tell me everything you know about light

I am standing on the sun. Its burning here. Its burning hot. Light is something one can travel through. Light is something that is in you. Light is something you can eat in the end. A mango tastes like light. The sun is burning hot. Heat is light sometimes. Cool can be light too. Light grows and breaks and swirls around me. There is a certain glow to you. The glow has disappeared. Its very brief ray of sun. I am standing on the sun. The light inside of me is heavy, heavy breathing. You kissed me and my cheek got warm. Kissed me again and it is cold and wet… Plants gravitate to light. Grow towards touch and light. Does that mean touch is light? The laptop cannot be seen in the sun. My fingers can. Here is special technology but its black and white only. First time a photograph is taken, is like we learn to capture light in a jar, on a piece of paper. Light bugs have a lucid substance, mushrooms and sea creatures have it too. They are trans lucid. They are light. They shine bright like a diamond. Diamonds are a myth. But prisms are not. They break the light. We are all prisms that we see the world through. Thats why I like to read other peoples writing, its like reading their light. Prisms break it so that it refracts. So that sailboats can on the light. Light is like a wind. I shine my flashlight on puddles at night. Light goes in waves and particles, so actually we have no idea how it works. I have a fishing rod with a prism on it. You told me to go fish for the light. That feels very far away now. You cannot see me shiny anymore. Glimmer in the eyes can disappear once you catch it. Once you own or catch anything, the light will be gone. Once you pick the flower, the light will be gone. So some fingers are translucent when they touch each other. Some bellies are too. Some eyes reflect light in a scary way, too much or something. Point a mirror towards the light. I am standing on the sun. Moving with the light. The world is based on light, our whole life is based on light. Our bodies and their hormonal productions. Thats why I cant sleep as soon as the sun has risen, which is at three o clock these days. So i sleep not much. The light shines through the cracks. Its because of the cracks that the light can shine through. I have cracks in my body, I have left cracks in you. Its crazy how the sun is the one huge thing that does everything to its little minions of these worlds. The sun is the ultimate boss bitch. The sun is the ultimate oldest organism wise kombucha mother, watching over us. The sun will win all the competitions any category every created, unless its competing agains the night, unless its competing agains the darkness. The stars they shine but its old light. But everything we see is more or less old light. The moment is different depending on how stressed you are. If you are stressed the moment is shorter, the light is older, you cannot catch the time. Light is time right? Time is light. I am standing on the sun. Oh but what about black holes?

Light is Right like White, it’s bright. It’s good alright, have it all day and make it at night.
If space is darkness for light to move, when light arrive, what does it improve?
Slumber in shadowed grooves, intruded as the light protrudes.
Oh, the things people have justified with light!
perhaps darkness is just beyond our sight.
and at that site
if we accepted we could not perceive.
perhaps other life is left alone to breathe.
Perhaps the light and time race
is a darkness looking for it’s place.
For at light’s front tip, it knows not itself
and all it sees is the darkness where it delves.

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