I’ve been reminiscing on 2020 and Babel seems to have been all of 2020. Lockdowns and fear and everything that comes with sudden change, this world kept me contained.

I thoroughly enjoyed the dance of the pens or more accurately fingers on keyboards though I prefer the image of you all with pens in hand, waving them, twirling them around like conductors in front of an orchestra, giving each letter its sound, combining them to make their music in the midst of a world that went into panicked hibernation. Or perhaps it wasn’t that airy and easy. Rather, it was like the practice session before the stage. You were hunkered down in front of a blank screen, staring into the distance, plodding away, repeating lines, doodling over one letter, repetitive moment of hand and eye, hoping that something would take shape.

And amidst our agony and ecstasy, everything else came alive outside.

I wrote to birdsong and wondered what the sound was like on your end. I wrote one morning while a caiman stared at me through my patio door and casually walked off when I looked at him/her in surprise and exclaimed “what are you doing here!” I wondered whether anyone had surprise visitors in a world where human visitors were now regarded with fear and illegal in some cases.

There were so many other wonderments about each of you, and as I take my leave, I wish that 2021 is a year of hope for all.

I would love to keep in touch with anyone who wishes to @spatasar on Insta or Sharda Patasar on Facebook.

It’s been a fascinating and enjoyable experience being here with each one of you.
Thank you to the Babel team for the opportunity!

@babelbob escort me out but, allow me my pen.

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