vomit stuck in the chest
a heart curdling
acidic and calling for kin

burnt, scabbed and scared
a core collaping
disintegrating and desperate for air

lungs drenched in smoke
tightened by tar
exhalling condemnation

a welcome sign
to hell in the stare

old alcohol fumes from the pores
a twist in the neck that makes you wonder
if you are wrong

as the pulsing drum at the base
promises that heaven is on the other side
of evil

will you find me innocent
after i confess
i am just like everyone else

pain demands to be smelt
frozen and fatty
under elastic tights
used for lying
down in the grassroots
where the dead fertilizes with litter
and flowers growing in pavement cracks arn’t as pretty
as lost and found R5 coins.

I would sell my soul for a buyer
or admirer
who will pick me
up and keep me
somewhere safe for good luck.

and there, i’ll show you mine
if you show me something that scares you
so that I can kiss it better
and bite it bigger
and offer my pulse, steal your reflections
and pray that the devil will finally be satisfied