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In commemoration of all the dead homies

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…there is a lowered flag, a half mast, a drunk bar, a quiet mass, a sly funeral, a sure future, a burning bridge, a hesitant key, a deleted draft, a sly fox, a clever clogs, a daft thing, a dying animal, a breaking branch and a withdrawn post by an author designed to draw out automatic deletion in under 24 hours. All of this a creature living under a bridge, who eats bones and bites the heads from passing chickens.

what if it’s flagged, and by whom.
I’d rather it doesn’t go in the drain - I’d rather, rather I ate it whole and it hid in my stomach till ten years later and I could be thirty, forty, fifty years old and I pull it out and up and It smiles at me and says here is the portrait of a young artist and how you never learnt to stop because you stopped too much, you smudge your makeup every time so you don’t leave the house and men should wear eyeliner yes all men and how beautiful you were as a young artist, your body was decaying but still

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A commemoration for a future thought, @Fel Fel! What if we never have a moment of nostalgia when we are older? Maybe we’ll get a degeneration and then there will be the sense of automatic deletion without the feeling that the post was withdrawn by the author, but some higher power, or just the awful chance of disease. But you are now a young artist, in relative terms and I will now go and pop my eyes into liner.

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if you can keep the trauma at bay
its a strong tide
and if you run away from your past
it might haunt you
because old things get birthed

stay here now.
the present that bad?
baby, you traumatized already, gonna have to start again.

wanna play?

POV: all your dead homies are coming back to life and angry at you: Dorian Grey, Sylvia Plath, etc. The unentitled and humble ones stay dead. They’re coming after your literary legacy. (you rising star, astrological outlier, so quiet under)

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Of blood and bone we are
and we have been walking among you for so long.
Girl with all the gifts
Little princess, tell me…If i gave you my names, my mind, my dreams.
would you take out a wraths-child instead?

we are family you know it well.
would you like me to make it more clear?

who knew titles could be prophetic?

post withdrawn by author, but not automatically deleted in a day

nor flagged

what is withdrawal, met by return?

a title for a post, or poem, or story, or film?

the return of the …