Player 1

Gutsy, her favorite, was the first to arrive, then Hera and her Child. Goldi, Rumps, some formless ideas, some unwritten words and a few erased, and all the Sarahs and the little Franc too. They drew attention to Player 1 as she arrived. She sits staring out a dome window of a three story villa in the most expensive suburb on the African continent. The view is of the sea. She thinks about her time in-between-us and how the space she took up. She takes moments to pause to delight in the pleasures of writing. She is a content creator, who makes for an audience and always trying to find ways to heal her home. But this, was just a pleasure for herself, an indulgence of the weird places she goes that don’t normally have room or company. She feels fucking grateful to the strange northerners who are cool in ways that make her want to be their friend. She feels so much love for herself and happy she made it this far. She is playful and experimental and allows herself to make mistakes and has a lightness about her serious work that has offered some hope.

The day is safe, but come Monday, when the short-term rental ends and the booking agency learns that we are occupying the house in protest and solidarity with all the occupations that are sprouting in informal settlements, she knows the safety ends too. And like their many ideas, left to find their own meaning, she and her friends and chosen family of queer women will have many challenges with the police and private security and lawyers and politicians and average liberal to conservative leaning media consumers. And obviously the owners and all high net worth individuals that we suggest should offer their excess property investments as safe spaces for queer people, women and children.

They dragged a man out of his tin home, naked and then broke his home down the other day. They shot a child at an occupation the other day as well. Our activist organisations are dependent on funding so besides the few who are friends and supportive of us, the rest write monitoring and evaluating reports. We hope that our middle class privileges, fancy Audre Lorde politic of care will keep us safe. We have put our savings into this and given our current rented home over to another amazing community activist from an informal settlement, her 2 year old grand daughter and the child’s mother.

We lived together with some of the other people in our home for a while before entering our new mansion home. I spoke about the identity politic of dreaming yourself into existence on morning TV today.I don’t know what that would mean to anyone that watched it. We are scared but we are okay to be scared. We are strong and we have built a beautiful culture and we hope this is an intervention that can move the imagination of our country.

So my body, put in the line of more danger, still carrying fat phobia in my thighs and tummy, and a core that only just realized that I am alive and a gut that always fucking knew and a mind that is finding new life. Player 1, you have broken the top score and I am so fucking proud of you.

and who ever I become, whatever an I becomes to me. a body waiting to forgive for a lifetime of being fooled by the veils, perhaps would be good.

We watch over you as you live your life, I hope the police dont hurt you guys and that the self-love politic is an appropriate narrative for the country and, I am all in my skin now and you looks so much like yourself and I still want to lose weight but my body doesnt seem to mind and where is body’s voice because I dont think she speaks in words and I think everythng is going to work out perfectly and hopefully that perfectly can mean that we can change the world

with love and inspiiration and excitment and focus and everything that has every made us.
we are here and we are queer and are black and coloured and we are women and we love
and we will protect our love
because those who hate,
we could hate you if that is what you would like

but a nice light note…instead

don’t forget that you should say something about Kelly for being such a kwaai partner and

Ag, babe
I’ve romanced you in ever way I know how to thank you, my sincerity is so boring to me now, and I dont know how to tell you I appreciate you because.

you to me are everything, the sweetest song that I could sing,
and now the end is near and so I face
the final countdown
Dont stop never give up, hold your head high and reach for the top
of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find
is the love that I have found ever since you have been around
your love has put me at the top of the world.

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