Making peace with questions

Trying to answer my own questions. Trying to kill the ego. Trying to muffle the last echo.

Yes. And anyway who are they? Change that to we. The blue marble feels bizarre. The people on the blue marble feel bizarre.

Well, I have this theory: that artists who sit and drink red wine in obscure parts of the city are so good at listening to each other, so good at nodding along, so good at pretending to understand, that the feeling of bizareness takes one look at them and runs in the other direction.

Yes I can see the moon. That’s all you ever talk about. Sometimes I wish Earth was more like Jupiter, you know––with a few more moons. That would make your little creative head spin, I’m sure.

I don’t remember the roof, but I remember the hallway. There were just so! many! shoes! And everything seemed to be a little more alive there than in any other place I’d been. Like there was a lot of happiness stored in one place. Actually, I don’t mind if we ever went to the roof or not.

Because everything, anything, you show me is like that hallway––a little more alive than anything else I’ve seen. You are like my own personal fairy.

No, no. I don’t feel like a fairy at all. My hair is not short and not long. I am too scared to cut it, and too impatient to let it grow. I wear too much grey and I’ve been crying an awful lot lately. I feel a little heavy and a little stuck. Fairies are the opposite of that.

Sure, if you want me to hear something, I can hear something. I’m agreeable like that.

You are most likely being sarcastic, but I’m really bad at detecting sarcasm nowadays, so I’ll answer sincerely. It has changed yeah, but I’m not sure it has changed more than any other year. It’s just that this year so many of us have been locked up in all sorts of prisons and asked ourselves all sorts of questions––it feels like we’ve all exploded. The world is covered in pink mist.

That would be me. And some other people who are tired of your silence. Can you speak without dissecting the words? Can you write without editing? Can you create without shutting down? Answer the questions, kill the ego, muffle the echo.