Letters to a New Past

Dear Comrade,

Greetings from the Great Wall on this most auspicious day. My heart swells with joy, as do the hearts of all the workers across the world. I have decided to break free from my own traditions of solemnly remembering the cause to celebrating on a personal trip to the nation that changed the whole story of mankind.

I apologize for not mentioning my motives or plans in advance, I did not want you to worry about me traveling outside of our commune prescribed zone. Naturally, I have taken all necessary precautions and clearances from the local Citizen’s Travel and Health Office; unlike the vagabonds who break quarantine and jeopardize the well-being of all the world’s peoples.

Later this afternoon, I will be visiting the Great Hall of the People. As you will know, I hold a personal interest in visiting sites that have affected the flow of human history; sites that have caused the future to come forth even if the people were not ready. The revolution waited for no man, and came swiftly as a virus topples an elderly European. It will be my greatest honour to see for myself the temple of our civilization. I have heard that one might visit the room in which the Eternal People’s Congress first met in 2060, ushering in a new era of peace, of Pax Sino.

With most auspicious wishes,