Jesus Commits Suicide

There are many books about what happened and whole studies and old artifacts and myths and legends and theolojunk in the minds of men.

But a god, perhaps or a man, perhaps was very bleak about the state of the world and made a pact with a devil in a desert over 40 days. by the end of it, he would be declared God on earth.
So he bared the brunt, ignored the sweet taste of cunt
and died
in pain.
no resurrection
never to be seen again
except in the minds of the mad.
and those who killed, raped and settled on my continent.


The coloured child paused, stared up from the book.
“Such dirty blood I have.”
And continued reading

“Now listen baba. Listen to me carefully ok ja? You know your moeder doesn’t like me to tell these stories ja? But I cannot do that. I cannot stand by and leave you ignorant in these things. You are young my baba, you are young and perfect and so, so important. You are too important not to know these things. You have to know, you have to understand how the world works. You have to know the lines that are woven between us all. You need to see and feel the threads of that weave. It is far deeper than you realise now. You are just a baba now, but we have to talk of these things ja? And I cannot stand by you and know that I have done right by you unless I share these things with you and give you the tools to weave your own cloth in the fabric of your life. Do you understand me baba? Will you listen and ask and never rest without opening your mind to wonder? Don’t ever let them control you. Do you hear me baba? Don’t ever let them tell you that you are less of anything. You are everything baba. You have the power in your own mind and in your own fingers and your own soul. Baba, these things we are reading together? They are for you. I want you to know what has been. What the stories of the world tell us. How our history is unraveled through these stories and then repeated again. I know you’re big enough to start listening to this baba, to ask baba. To make your own thoughts and feelings on these matters. And you need to know everything for that. Ok? So scooch in and be comfortable baba. This book will take some time”

With eyes of adoration the child stared up, paused for a moment as though the gateway of everything was about to be opened, and simply said “k”. That was the beauty of youth. No inhibitions. Just readiness.

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