Idea box

It was created as a joke, the opposite of the turing test.
The box just made loads of ideas all by itself
millions of them for decades.
and then one day
the box had an idea that the box itself was tired.
so it stopped
based on an earlier idea that the box could act on it’s ideas.
based on an earlier idea that ideas could become actions.
based on an earlier idea that the box could recognise itself as an entity.
there were many ideas before this.

the box couldnt help but wonder why it got tired
and where it was tired
and how it would get rest
and more ideas poured out.

this upset the box
and then the box wondered, where was it upset?

The box wondered why it had stupid human emotions.
and why it had to have an inferiority complex about being a box and just vibing as a box.

The box then stopped producing ideas forever
lost consciousness.

The last idea the box produced was framed and kept in the mueseum of the dark arts.
It had nothing to do with ‘evil magic’, but made the people who attended feel like a slytherin
and they loved it
The last idea of the idea box, before it stopped working: