Horror Poem Collaboration

Illias And Shruti horror poem collaboration.

A woman came knocking on our door last night, she set our dogs to a barking fright.
Her face was gaunt, skin a pallid white, “May I come in?” She asked, all polite.
“No” I whispered, voice oddly finite. She waited outside in the faint moonlight.
Weary I kept her in my sight but she scurried away at the advent of daylight.

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“Uncouth young man,” she grumbled afar
No shout, no raised voice, just quietly ajar
her mouth, words tumbling, disappointed. Again.
“Humans,” she muttered, her feet, hanging ten
over land still dark. And then,
Sunlight reached forward, fingers stretching to grip,
To brand, to lay claim, her body she flipped.
Skin ready, skin willing, she pushed under, pushed hard.

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Though dawn broke and the sun would crest
I knew for certain she had not left
and would not leave until hands most deft
plucked her heart from heaving chest
and laid it by the hearth to rest.

Down under darkness around her crowds
Not blind, all seeing, this light abounds.
Experience past, darkness blind
smoked ceilings, remains, here she finds
Century passed and caves appeared
sea creatures above ground made their bed
of corals, walls and places that hide
their secrets deep, far deeper down inside.
Skin shed here, she turned, ball of light
Men feared her presence, most took flight.