So, it is my time now and I’m ironically a bit lost for words.

I’m sitting in this place, this great weird library of babel, soon to add my last word in this place. Both I and my quill shake a bit at the idea, but everything has an end and I’m down to the final inches of parchment and the dregs of my last ink bottle.

This project has been a combination of interesting and weird and frustrating and I’ve learned a lot from it and from you all. From both reading and collaborating with you. I have a confession to make as well, I used this project to try out different writing styles and to also develop my own some more.

Now at the end of it, I think I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins in his goodbye speech, “I feel as though I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like”.

There were so many wonderful and weird posts that I’ve returned to again and again, to see if I could add something. Some of them finally clicked for me and some I feel as if it would be wrong of me to add to them, that it wasn’t my story to tell, but one I’d gladly read. I don’t know if that makes sense.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I wish I had had the time to collaborate more intently with every one of you, but maybe we will in the future instead.

I also want to thank all of you, who made this great place for us to be in. It’s been a solace to come back to this project at different times during this weird burning rollercoaster of a year.

I feel like there are stories I also haven’t finished telling properly, but which will have to wait. I enjoyed writing the werewolf duel immensely and I feel as though there are more to find in that world. I also feel concerned for Jeff and his friends and where they will end up. Maybe we’ll find out someday?

Once I’m finished writing this I will step out of the doors of this great library back into Stockholm as autumn is once again upon us here in the north and winter is just around the corner. This is my worst time of year as I have a hard time handling the very visual shrinking of the daylight hours. But as the last 31 times it has happened has taught me, there will come light again, at some point in about half a year I will stand around in the once again warm sunlight with the northern sun-worship face (if you ever have the chance of being in Scandinavia during spring you will see what I mean) and all will be fine.

My ink is almost out now but this is important, if you want to find me outside of the library then my name is Hugo Scherwin (although Edgar is an actual middle name of mine). I’m usually named Hugoscherwin or LynxInSneakers on places like Instagram and Reddit. I’d be happy to keep in contact with any of you who want it. I will remain on this platform for a while too(although I will be more sporadic than before).

And should you ever find yourself in the far north you are welcome to share my fire. We could sit by one of our many lakes and tell each other stories under the starlit night.

På återseende


I’m heading out for more ink, @babelbob could you please lock the gate after me?