Dearest Emma

Meeting you has always been so lovely
I even forgot you were my dog once.
Thank you for all the sacrifices

Our meetings are always how you want them to be
Everyone has the power to be blinded by their reality
I am not your dog
Communication is an event in your own mind,
The sacrifices are all yours

We will continue to meet.
Don’t feel sad for the facts.
You are wonderful too.

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It has always been like that.
Hear what you want.
Interpret how you will.
We are all individuals (YES! WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!)
An unavoidable collective.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
But the whole can be a very dangerous.
Take care when joining a compilation of people.
A group with ‘shared ideals’? By definition excludes those without.
And friction is born.

And friction can be inexplicably hazardous.
Exercise caution!

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I apologize - but as your hare
I was hoping that you were the hound
I once lost
in a hunt.

No matter,
I am joining a wild army of geese that are planning to overthrow the
religiously anarchistic gardening folk
who want to free the farm animals
when we don’t want them back after
all they have done.

I hope that the friction will cause fire and make men

Anyways, I hate to admit that the sacrifices were my own.
During my 20s, they burnt holes so deep into my heart that my sister was unfortunately born with them all those years earlier.
and I have been racing through the social consciousness of my own insanity trying to write my own wrongs
and heal the future of the people I love
so I try to control the edges of possibility
to keep them safe
because I don’t know why I am a

No matter,
Your eyes made me feel seen
and that carried some of the burden.
and I am grateful
for all the events.
and drives along the coast.