BBU application - response by vicsohee

Unpromted contribution

I finally made it to my friend’s place in Taipei, Taiwan. We haven’t seen each other for two years and we promised ourselves that we won’t let pass more than two years without seeing each other. Somehow we never talk on the phone. We share messages every now and then but I cannot recall any call we had in the last years. It’s just not happening. Maybe that’s also the reason why we need to see each other at least every two years. While I am typing these words, my friend is taking a nap next to me and life - with us in it - seems so natural. The way she walks, the sound of her voice, the smell of her apartment, her very unique way of how she pronounces my name – it all seems so familiar whereas not seen, smelled or heard for two whole years. Weird, how home feels like sometimes.

Prompted contribution



It could have been a really nice day, if the sun wasn’t burning and if my mood wasn’t frosty.
The more Ralph made me wait - and this happened all the time - the more I tried to tug at my t-shirt and the more it snapped back up over my belly button.
The longer I waited, the louder the sound of the snap became. And the falafel place looked shittier and shittier.
But then… Snap! Things can break, so did my t-shirt and with that my patience. Let’s get real, Ralph won’t change: He will come late, he will apologize without meaning it, he will insist on having lunch at “his” falafel place instead of trying something new and this will be the procedural of our lives until…
I left my t-shirt being too small, crossed the street and entered the little Ethiopian restaurant next to the shitty falafel shop, just to find a lot of other me’s with too small t-shirts.