BBU application - response by Sol

Unpromted contribution

The moment she fell Loco jumped from his seat. Time slowed down as he saw how the bio knobs on her fingers flicked back from the neon pink trapeze. She descended into the black hole of the arena. As her reptile-enhanced body took up speed, his thoughts accelerated too. Will she survive? Was someone down there to help? Isn’t it a strange beauty to her swirling body, the shimmering multi-colored fluorescent skin, the muscular winding tail, her red eyes wide awake in surprise and agony. Can chameos survive a fall from this height? Strangely enough, the dangers of this transhuman experience had never occurred to him. After all, the otherworldliness of the connex-ritual had been anticipated by the whole city for years. Accidents were unheard of to a point where they seemed unthinkable. But otherwise, what do we really know about them? His entangler reflexes kicked in: How would the reconciliation council respond? Which of the philosophies was best suited to facilitate the investigation team together? Suddenly, a membrane unfolded between her fingers and toes. This couldn’t be enough to slow down her fall, or could it? Suddenly, Loco felt a rolling dizziness. He stumbled to the side and tilted into his neighbor, which hampered a fall. He mumbled an unintelligible apology and felt as if a mucous opening had been drilled into his brain. Anger, fear, astonishment, the floodgates had opened. Were these his emotions? Why? No, they’re ours. But who is we? Still shaky, he looked around. The falling chameo artist had vanished into the dark bottom of the hall. Thousands of people held their breath, staring into the abyss. Only one pair of bewildered eyes met his.

Prompted contribution



He sometimes envied his sister’s uncanny ability to leave everything behind - beliefs, lifestyles, relationships. Her capacity to get excited, to reconsider, to turn around seemed inexhaustible if also erratic. Her vulcanic eruptions had more than once threatened to throw him off track. But this time she had gone too far. He would throw he unbearable, irresponsible lightness of being right back into her face.