BBU application - response by Skadi.Dottir

Unpromted contribution

“Do you think, he’ll remember me?” The blond tall woman asked.
“I guess no.” A ethereal voice answered. “Much time passed and you know: humans have short lifes.”
Tears rolled down her face.
“Maybe I could help…could use some smart trick…”
“That would hurt him, he’s dying, and remember you will make him suffer.”
“You’re right.”
The man was sleeping, despite the beeps of medical equipament attached on his chest an arms.
“Excuse me sir, I’m the nurse of night shift: Helena.” Said the tall woman, with golden locks and deep brown eyes.
“Hmmm, what…sorry.” he answered with a weak voice.
“I’m Helena, the nurse of night shift.” She smiled “call me if in need of something.”
“It’s night already?”
“Yes, almost dinner time.”
“Oh…you know young lady, when I was young, used to wake with the sun rising, and pick some flowers to my fiancee, my Katrina.” He smile faintly.
“You should loved her too much, your marria…”
“We didn’t marry, she died before.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
“She was so smart and fun, we planned have two kids: a boy and a girl.” Katrina get a little close of him.
“And you, have the same eyes. Hope you could forgive a old man, on his dying bed.”
“There’s no problem.”
“You’re very kind, just like her.”
The woman just smiled.
“Rest mister…”
“I wish, I could see her once more.”
“Maybe, you could, in your dreams. Now rest.”
His eyes closed and died. A dim light emerged from his nose, and took a form of a young man smiling at her.
“I love you, but a Reaper’s duty won’t let us live a happy life. Sorry.”
His soul just noods.
“At least I saw you a last time. Goodbye my love.” And vanishes into the air.
“You didn’t betray our order.” The voice Said “Good job, Katrina.”
“I’ll never do something like that. I still one of La Muerte angels.”

Prompted contribution



I sighed, who the hell will call on a day like this? When picked the phone, it gets quiet. The number wasn’t in my phone’s memory, what’s really weird.

“Your mother never told you that’s dangerous talk with strangers? Even it’s a bird on your window?”

I jumped in terror, sitted on the top of my sculpture was a kid with black eyes, and feathers instead hair. No more than 9 years.

“What? How? Who?”

“How did I get here? Who am I? These are very good questions.” He jumped, and flooted to the ground and smiled “I’m Finn, and I’m one of the Morrighan’s crows. Your mother sent me.”

Closed my eyes, and take a deep breath. Probably that was the result of a week of poor sleep and lots of cofee, a nap, that’s it! If I take some sleep and rest, the alucinations should stop.

“It’s very rude of you, pretend that I don’t exist. As a Demigod, you should know better.” The crow kid sounded hurt.

And that’s was too much for me. I fainted, but could hear him.

“Oh great, Morrighan will kill me. Stupid human.”
And everyrhing gets dark.