BBU application - response by SilverRose

Unpromted contribution

Then the drummer started telling us about the time he was in a Norwegian death metal band. They were all a few years older than him and he was so eager to please them. He set fire to a small church in an excellent midnight ritual. It looked beautiful he said. Only it turned out it was the bassist’s Nan’s house. Everyone was very angry at him so he ran into the woods with everyone chasing him. He lost them for a while by laying in the snow pretending to be his own shadow. Then someone noticed that that shadow of a man over there had no man attached to it. It turned very nasty with everyone’s make up running down their faces. The Nan joined in, screaming absolute guttural mayhem. There was a spell in hospital, then prison, and all sorts. A really lovely guy though.

Prompted contribution



The hood over my head made it impossible to tell if my eyes were open or closed and my breath was irritatingly loud like it wanted me to know it was still there. My head was a trapped audience. I ran over various things to say to Them if they ever came.

“This rope work is very disappointing. Call this a hitch knot? Are you aware of handcuffs?”

I made a noise through my windpipe to practice vocal sounds from my hot face but it sounded like a small animal dying. My gullet was so dry I contracted like a snake swallowing an egg just trying to knock back the scarce bit of spit in my mouth. Then I felt a new feeling flood the inside of my ribcage entirely. What is this feeling? Is it utter - no. Oh wait, yes. It is utter outrage.