BBU application - response by Sedna

Unpromted contribution

If you think more carefully about the human function as a society member nowadays, you will find out that we are not so far from what we call wild animals or even an ameba. What’s the amebas function but survive and reproduce? What we humans are doing for each other right now if not the same but with some more comfort and technology to satisfy our egos and leave our minds paralyzed for lack of use? Is it really the legacy you wanna leave to the world? Be a high tech ameba? I don’t think so.

Prompted contribution



It shouldn’t be so hard to inhale all the loneliness you once intoxicated me with, Robb! Thought you were used to it…

I thought loneliness was to isolate myself and I couldn’t be more mistaken! Had to loose all my money to finally understand that I’ve always been alone.