BBU application - response by Rani

Unpromted contribution

She felt his skin with her hand and could hardly believe that she had finally found him. Listening to his heartbeat sounded like the most beautiful song in the world to her and she was sure that this bliss she was feeling would last forever. Little did she know that her world was going to come crashing down.

She had almost fallen asleep when she felt something cold next to her. She got up with a start and discovered that he was no longer breathing and that his lips were blue and she panicked. Her heart was racing and her mind and her thoughts were all over the place. After what seemed like forever she started CPR and called 911. Her voice sounded hoarse once the operator started asking her questions and it felt like she was having an out of body experience. How could this be happening to her? She had finally thought it was her time to be happy and now this?

She decided to put all her thoughts aside and focus on the present, which was her here and now. It felt like several hours had passed when the paramedics arrived but she knew that it had only been minutes. She jumped in at the back of the ambulance and sat in silence.

Taking his hand in hers, she said a silent prayer and hoped that God had heard her despite her not praying that often. She told herself God loves me so he will be fine and she found comfort in that and held on to his hand.

Arriving at the hospital, he was whisked away from her, she not knowing if she would see him, hear him laugh or even see him smile again.

She felt tears running down her cheeks but at the same time she knew that there was nothing that she could do but hope and pray.

Prompted contribution



Adam looked at his mother screaming and wanted to scream too but no sound came from his mouth. After a while he looked at his mother and Sabrina looked back at him. She told him that mummy had gotten scared and yes even mummies get scared, but that everything was going to be fine.

Sabrina was wondering how Ilyes and Lydia were doing and at the same time trying to think how she and Adam could stay safe. They did have a basement or room deep down in the house as the kids called it but the question is could they make it there and would they be safe ?

Sabrina realised that that was maybe her safest option and having one option was better than having no option at all. She told Adam mummy and Adam are going to play a game. Let’s see how quickly we can run to the room deep down.

Adam held on to his mother quickly and Sabrina tried to run and dodge everything that was falling around her. Everything around her seemed so fragile and she thought she heard glass shattering in the background.

She briefly glanced at Adam and he was smiling and that gave her the courage and energy to continue running. As long as he was happy she could handle anything, but she was still thinking of Lydia hoping that she was ok with her father.