BBU application - response by priesverhon

Unpromted contribution

It is being written as we speak. This is a forced futuristic art project and has some more content than a twitter post. Twitter is spammy but informative at times. And so, the woman woke up at 10:52 AM on december 22, 2019. It was a grim, cloudy, cold day. No snow yet. Just like living in Bucharest in 1983. She shuddered and got up.

Prompted contribution



I was hungry too, of course. I realized that I should have eaten something but I really wanted to meet Ralph again. We had met at a club last weekend and I had felt myself getting attracted to him. He had some interest in me as well and we had been texting some. I felt the butterflies in my stomach again. Also, I was hungry. I could go into the falafel shop and have a salad perhaps. Or just a cup of coffee. Waiting was really getting to me.