BBU application - response by Plaesson

Unpromted contribution

In Transylvania, one of the most fertile grounds in Europe, both concerning Flora and Fauna, there lived a complete idiot to king. His name was Me.

Me enjoyed his day walking around talking to his subjects, always starting the conversations with asking if they had seen his wife. But all of his subjects knew that there were no wife. She had passed away several decades ago and the king thus was alone. Alone leading his kingdom, a lonely fool. And a dangerous one too. Because all of his subject knew that a wrong answer to is constantly repeated question about his wife would have terrible consequenses for them and their entire families.

One day Me approached a small cottage in the forrest just beside a lake. As he knocked on the door a little girl opened.

“Ohhhh”, was the first thing the said when she saw the old king.
“Hi! Are you parents home. I need to ask them a question.”
The little girl hesitated. Then she flushed red.
“They are not. And besides I shouldnt even have opened the door. I am really not allowed to talk with strangers. But…”
“But?” said the king.
“I know who you are. You are not a stranger. You are our king. You are Me!”
“Yes. And I am just wondering If you have seen my wife? Has she been here? Is she inside?”

The little girl knew exactly what to say. She had repeated it with her parents many times, and also heard other people responding correctly to the King. But now she hesitated, and finally she couldnt resist the idea that just flown into her.

“Some hours before you came, I let out one of my flies from card board box. I think it has flown out the window, but I am not sure. I’ve been searching the entire home, and I can’t stop looking for it. But since you are my King, everyone has to obey your orders, right?”

“Yes, that is correct!”

“So, I want you to obey Me to stop looking”

“That I can do”

Prompted contribution



And so it went on. Day after day we sat there smoking our asses off waiting for the time to come when the truth would be revealed. The truth about our interconnection, the intersubjectivity of our inner states. And it was just after ten years that we decided to break up our routine and try something new.

Ralph moved away from me to Canada, and I stayed in South Africa, still looking for meaning and a Job. My wife moved out, and my only pleasure in life was cricket and prostitutes.

One day, in the summer of 2010 I recieved a phone call from the custom office.

“Is it correct that you have ordered two tons of concrete from Colombia?”
“I dont know what you are talking about. Concrete!?!”
“Yes, it is in your name. Could you come down to the police station?”

A bit worried I hurried down to the policestation suspecting the absolute worst. Colombia and concrete plus the police sounded like deep trouble. Cocaine, naturally. Life time in prison. It was a set up. My life was ruined. And as I arrived to at the police station I wasnt therefore surprised to be shown into an interigation room. After I had been waiting there for several hours, completely without coffee and cigarettes, I finally heard a voice from a speaker that I immediately recognized.

“I am back, sucker!”

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