BBU application - response by Otaviodosvents

Unpromted contribution

He was amazed by that, it was a bit ood to be so happy by an advertising but he was feeling so well that week that any invitation would sound as a promisse of happiness.
It doesn’t mean that he was naive or fool, no, Mr. Otto was surely an educated and smart man. However, that was an idyllic week, that very rare weeks can make even the most greedy person give all their possetions just for fun.
He woke up, precisely in the same time as always, and
in less that one hour was already in the bus going to the combined place.
While the bus was making its traditional stops, and the come and go of the passengers was filling with noise and people the metal vehicle, Otto was lost in his thoughts. He was remembering, in the exact moment that a gentile lady seated in his side, the first moment that saw the advertising, in a crowed street in the city centre “Smart and ponctual people needed”. Just that and the address with time and local, it were the only informations.
And that was the reason of such tranquility.
The unknown.
He always, as far as he can remember, tried to control everything. From the number of books on his shelves to the number of orange bricks in his kitchen. At a very young age he was diagnosticated with a severe type of OCD and, by the indulgence of his parents, never treated.
It got chronicle a few years a go when he could not leave his house because some leaves were in in the doorstep preventing him from giving his traditional five jumps to “good luck on the day”.
Since that that he started a weekly therapy that helped him to be much more flexible in his choices.
In the previous week he has able to go out with unmatching socks and that was a great advance in his treatment, he was tinking about iy, about how life can be different that it was until that day when he realized it was time to get off that bus. He walked for ten minutes and there was The building with a small entrance open.
He didn’t know what to expect, me neither, but he entered.

Prompted contribution



Ralph, Ralph i don’t know if you already felt it, but with him i feel as if i was not so fool as everybody says. Like, is not my fault that i have a brother that destroys my clothes, it isn’t my fault that my cousin is a kind of genious, that in his twenties makes more money than my whole family. It isn’t my fault to suffer from depression, nor is my fault to have an relapsed mother and a drunken father. Oh, there he is.

  • Hi. - I said
  • Hey, Jana. - Why he hell that smile with that yellowish teeth makes me so happy? - Let’s go?
  • Oh, sure. - I have planned to to to the cinema to wacht a remake of one of the best Godart’s movie. I belive we are the only teens in this entire city that like this kind of films.
    We walked couples promising eternal love and beggars looking for food. It was a foogy night with a few stars shining in the infinite.
    When we got there, it was exactaly as i imagined. We were the only young couple in the crowded session.
    Couple? Are we a couple? Whatever.
    We sat, shoulder to shoulder, and the movie started.