BBU application - response by Onestar

Unpromted contribution

He didn’t believe in weird things. He was a priest for god’s sake. But since he had the stroke strange things had started to happen. He remembered when his father was digging a well. A man was there holding a twig walking back and forth before loudly shouting that here is the water. When the men started digging the man had let him hold the twig that danced in his hands like someone was pulling at it. He had totally forgotten about that incident. Until the stroke. Now he felt weird tingling sensations. Not all the time. Only when he walked over different places. Like he could sense something beneath the ground. And then he had found it. This line. Like an invisible train rail. At first, he followed it in the wrong direction. The sensation got weaker and weaker as he walked. But now he was walking in the right direction. The feeling was almost electric. The line turned towards the town. It led up the hill to the church he had been working in the last 40 years. Two black birds were sitting outside, looking at him almost like humans. He got uneasy. -Shoo! He yelled at them as he swung the church door open. Inside the sensation was much stronger. The line went straight to the altar. When he walked around it, he discovered that another line was coming at a 90-degree angle. Two lines crossing just under the altar. He touched it and every hair on his body was dancing. He caressed it, the power running through his body. And he knew, there was something under the altar. He needed tools. Big tools.

Prompted contribution



-Hi! It´s Adam. I don´t have much time, so listen up. I am going to disappear from the radar for a while until I know who can be trusted. The shit has hit the fan big time. A sleeper has woken up and located one of the nodestones.
-What! That´s impossible! Are you sure?
-Yes, I am afraid so.
-But how can that be? I thought everyone was locked in? That I would be protected. -Yes, I am sorry. I thought so too. Apparently, he got a stroke in the part of the brain where the lock is installed. He isn`t fully conscious yet but he is waking up fast. He has located a node and started digging. In the few weeks since the stroke, he has gathered quite a following. It’s about a hundred people or so helping him dig and it is only a matter of time until he finds it. We are lucky, This is one of the stones that are under a church so we have stopped the dig through the city council using some pretense, but it is only to win time. He will persuade the whole town eventually and find the stone.
-Are you insane? Has he been awake for weeks? Why haven’t you told me?
-I didn’t know. No one knew about it until a couple of hours ago. Now! Listen up, I am going underground until we have sorted this out and you need to leave Scotland. Fast. Do you have the book?
-Yes, it is hidden at my grandmother’s.
-Good. Go get it, and as soon as you got it, get your ass on the first plane back to Stockholm.
-Understood, will you contact me there?
-No, but I send someone to find you. Oh, one more thing, if you see any black birds behaving strangely. Just run. They are working for the others.
-What are you saying?? There is a bird here right now!
She spun around, facing the bird in the window and it was the first time ever she had seen a bird smirk.
It’s looking directly at me! What should I do? Adam? Are you there? What should I do? ADAM!!
The phone was silent. But there was a sound coming from the door…

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