BBU application - response by NonConformist

Unpromted contribution

We are standing on the cliff, the edge of the only place we know on this planet. In the horizon, the dying embers of the sun reflect beautiful orange against the browning hills behind us. It is a a mix of joy, a little sadness, nostalgia, beautiful memories and many feelings in between… We want to say goodbye and look forward to the new ‘place’ we are headed to when the light comes again. But again, we want this familiarity, comfort, laxity, knowledge and predictability to stay forever. Could sunsets and sunrises just be actions that don’t mean anything in particular? Can we do anything, at anytime without fixing time, day, date, season, year nor allocating timelines? Someone has just told me that this day is the last in this year and decade! As we watch the beautiful sun disappear, leaving us only with fond memories, unfulfilled tasks and promises, unmet obligations, missed targets, hopes and dreams… we really want to hold on and see if it could be any better when the light comes along. Can it just remain the same time, date, year or season? Or could it be any other and not ‘a new year, new day, new decade, new date’? A silent voice tells me: “tomorrow is another day” and I turn back and shout: “can I say what day it will be”? But my silent person seems to have already gone before I said anything… Darkness is slowly covering the land, we’re still standing at the edge, no more beautiful rays of the orange ball. Silence is falling on us but a loud voice in my mind continues to ring. Must it be the new day I hear everyone talking about?

Prompted contribution



I moved to a vantage point where I could see anyone appearing towards me, but sure that they could not see me until the exact point. Not that I was hiding, but I did not want to attract any unwarranted attention. Every passing second seemed like a lifetime with darkness deepening, cold air hitting my exposed belly and hunger biting seemingly with every slap of cold air. I moved back a little to lean on a concrete stump of some sort and with a bit of comfort, my mind started drifting away… flashes of warm place, food on the table, laughter all round. And suddenly someone is holding me by the neck, pulling my already inadequate t-shirt off the now flat belly. “Ralph, what the hell do you think you are doing”?, I let out a scream. Ralph?, the figure responded back in a truly unfamiliar husky voice , and I immediately snapped out of the stupor…