BBU application - response by MiryuSpells

Unpromted contribution

“They said it was just a rumor but it was actually real. The Dybbuk Box was real and it was horrifying. We don’t know where it came from and whose it belonged to. We just… found it.” Maki Nishikino, a female with a mid-length hair that was colored as red as a tomato with matching pair of luminous, purple orbs, told the police officer.

Behind them is an empty living room with dried blood staining the carpet, walls, bare floors and furniture. There were also silhouettes of four people on each part of the room, drawn with a chalk as an indication to where the victims were murdered.

The redhead slowly embraced herself as some kind of a protection from a gruesome entity, or was it even a ghost? She just couldn’t believe it, she just found it shocking that it was someone she knew who could have done all of this.

“And what happened after you found the Dybbuk Box?” The police officer asked as she jotted down in her small notebook with a pen.

“We opened it and someone was being caught by the spirit from it.” Maki answered.

“And who was that someone?”

Maki did not answer for a brief moment, she is still gathering strength and courage. She does not like the idea of ratting a friend out but she had become too powerful to be put down by just few people. She gritted her teeth before answering:

“Eli Ayase.”

Prompted contribution



“How have you been?” He asked, his eyes were focusing on my crystal, forest-colored ones. His hoarse yet gentle tone soothed yet brought chills up and down my spine. It felt like it has been a long time since I last saw him and his rigid face. I could tell that he hasn’t been shaved for weeks due to the nature of his work but he still looks adorable.

“I have been doing wonderful.” I answered, in response to his gentle maneuver, “Seems you haven’t changed one bit.”

Ralph chuckled heartily; it is soft and pure, it sounded like he is that someone I had been close with years ago and it feels nice that he hasn’t gone astray, “I’d be damned if I did. Besides, we have work to do.”

“Like, right now?” I smirked.

“Yeah–” Ralph slowly turned his head to look over his shoulder with a smile, seeing that the people in the bar were slowly turning into demons.

Demons that are taller than them and wore heavy, dark armor, resembling the ones in the middle ages with solid and glowing tree-root designs embedded in their breast plates. Their skins are slowly converting into a dark color and their eyes began to flash crimson. Their heads are beginning to peel off, slowly turning into angry, human skulls.Upon completion of their transformation, they let out a raging roar towards the two people.

“–A lot of work to do.”