BBU application - response by MButterfly

Unpromted contribution

31 Floors Up
Perched upon the edge
Not unlike a King overlooking his land
This sliver of humanity before me
31 floors up
Towering over life as it goes on
The sun rises
Illuminating the clouds
Giving them life
Pastel coloured, fiercely shaped
As humanity starts yet again another day
Train carriages taking people to and fro
East to south west
South West to east
Like minions thrust into the sea of life
The eastern distributor linking the east with the north
Cars and buses, trucks and bikes
scurry back and forth as ants do.
Along floats the ferry
Combining tourists with eastern folk
*Pretty sights imprint upon the eyes
Most often only seen by the tourist
This sliver of humanity filled with motion
Back and forth
The daily grind
Occassionly a yacht or a speed boat emerges into the scenery
As does a naval boat
Just to remind you there is something other than the daily grind.
Sun glitters upon the harbour
Shining brightly like a diamond
I perch here
From day break to end of day
Buildings filled with hundreds of people
But who are they?
I am here. You are there. See me.
I can’t see you. Can you see me?
Dusk begins
clouds transform once again
Edged with grey and pale yellow
Minutes tick over and with each moment you change
Twinkle twinkle little star
How brightly do you shine
night brings the royal crown down over the city
Gems caught by street lights
Red and green traffic lights sparkle
Reflections from car lights shine brightly
these south eastern city streets glow
Office buildings blink out
People scurry home
To wait for it all to start again.
I perch here. Watching it all go on. From 31 floors up above.
Not unlike a King

Prompted contribution



The voice at the end whispered hello. My breath became trapped in my chest. The roar of my heartbeat echoed in my ears. This was a voice I thought was long gone from my life. My hands trembled and I nearly dropped the phone. Many responses circled my brain. Finally, I said yes. That was all it took for him to open the door and stand before me.