BBU application - response by Levin

Unpromted contribution

Today was an exceptionally good day; I took a shit twice. With my intake of regrettably chewy, tenacious human meat - more sinew and bone than fat and flesh - this a seldom granted privilege. After years of this diet supplemented by the livestock of our underlings, my stomach seems to have finally gotten used to it. Sitting on my enamel throne, I reflect on the ingenuity of our society. As an example, during my previous audience in this room, I discovered a new way to wipe my ass. Preferring to alternate directions of the wipe, I would every other time have to stick my toilet paper-equipped hand in the narrow space enclosed by the seat, my cock and my bulgeous thighs; an ever shrinking space as a result of my diet. Instead, I discovered I could simply engage the sequence by reaching diagonally from the outer side of my right thigh.

Our ingenuity doesn’t stop there; this is the society that succeeded in solving the world’s hunger crisis. The solution was staring us in the face all along, and it only required the simple observation of an ordinary man: eat the hungry. Always disregarding humanity’s ability to invent and adapt, the people of the world always had the most unimaginative vision of society’s apocalypse. A common fantasy was the scenario of the mass outbreak of a zombie virus, turning men into beasts that will eat the healthy; how ironic that humanity’s solution was the complete opposite.

I hope you won’t mistake our bureaucracy of natural selection for cruelty; we treat our livestock with all the affordable respect and dignity. The society in which we live is more often chosen for us, than chosen by us. All things considered, we could have been far worse off; we are living in the best nightmare possible.

Prompted contribution



My phone, an independent subject. Ringing. It wasn’t rung by someone, by something.

All of it was impossible to grasp at the time.

The woman in the sculpture: built by me, or only by my hands? The rat, held by the woman or by the leash?

It descended upon me like a panic attack.

Under the gaze of this animal, perhaps of unseen animals additionally, of this woman, in the deafening roar of the ringing and the wind, I lost myself in a black hole of an existential nightmare, a storm of conflicting consciousnesses.

I couldn’t answer the phone, the animal couldn’t respond, I couldn’t look away. This could have gone on for hours.