BBU application - response by JMMS

Unpromted contribution

Harry does not want to answer the telephone and lets it ring 4 or 5 times until he taps the thing softly, hoping it will disconnect because the cheap cell from Tracfone often does. But no, this time, when he wants it to misbehave, he hears “Hey, are you there?”
"Yah,Bobby, what can I do for you?’
“Well, I have a problem.”
“Um, I don’t know how to put this… it’s about my wife.”
“Not again.”
“Wait, now, it’s not what you think. She’s gone.”
“Gone for how long, with who, and did she take all your money?”
“No, no, nothing like that. All her stuff is here - purse, coat, phone, her stupid Pekinese, even her car.”
“Are you sure she’s not next door with Janice?”
“Of course I’m sure, you idiot, why do you think I’m calling you to find her?”
“First of all, never call anyone an “idiot” if you expect them to help you, and second of all, I am not the police. Why don’t you call them?”
“Aw, Harry, you know they won’t do anything for a couple days and even then, they’ll think we just had a fight and she’ll come back on her own.”
“Yah, Bobby, you do have that pattern…”
“She’s gone, Harry, and somebody took her.”

Prompted contribution



I like the mysterious setting, the woman’s dialog, and actions of the characters. I continue with:

Birdsong, a cool breeze and a distant church bell woke Thaddeus. He was lying on a small grassy hill overlooking an ocean far in front of him and a busy village at the bottom of the slope. People thronged the open air vegetable market in the village’s center; it was mid-morning by the looks of the sun, and he guessed people were doing their daily shopping. He had heard that in Morocco, groceries were purchased fresh daily. Was he still in Morocco?
He remembered the bowl, the woman, the old man and that seductive mist, but he did not recognize this place. Is this his dream?