BBU application - response by Hibs

Unpromted contribution

I once struggled to believe the world is so shallow and started imagining several situations/ explanations of possible mysteries that Earth holds.

In a random land, a talented young person named Ian, passionate by drawing, used to realize sketches that reprensented his pains and chaotic thoughts. He met an old man in an antiquere boutique where he got granted the possibility of bringing life to his drawing…the boy was so fascinated by his new ability that he put life into everything he draw, as a way to let go of his pain and enjoy new things in life…With time, he began to receive paid requests from the old man to concretize things for him…Days go by and the requests started to be harder and unethical to achieve. Ian rebelled and refused to execute the orders and was dragged into a trap, threatened by the old man that made him his prisonner and started torturing him and asking again for concrete elements from the boy’s sketches. So stressed, Ian went into a shell of his own emotions and draw a huge triangle provocating a hurricane…everything in the space was dragged by force into that triangle…the old man begged him to stop but it was too late, the boy was angry and had no way to calm that rage. The old man didn’t survive this time and was caught up in the hurricane that lead him to that triangle. A few moments later, the wind was so heavy and unstoppable that the boy was about to be swallowed by his own mess. He took a deep breath, granted himself acceptance and was ready to call it an end. But right before he gave up, he heard an inner voice saying that this was an illusion and a representation of his own tourmented projections. The voice of his inner self said it was alright to let that go…After all, it is the fruit of his imagination and he has the full ability to mute that. Without hesitation, he took a leap of faith and destroyed the drawing, while centering his thoughts.
The calm and serenity took the place of chaos…It all was gone, the old man was gone and so was his pain.

Prompted contribution