BBU application - response by dov

Unpromted contribution

Mom was traveling to Alto Paraíso, one of Brazil’s energy gates. I hadn’t arrived in this world yet, but I do remember that place. She was visiting communities that could receive our family once I was born. Dad had gone to São Paulo to help grandma, which had just moved to her new penthouse in the city center.

Unsurprisingly, mom was the first one to make contact. From her bedroom, she saw the big green oval portal taking over the sky. It was impossible to decipher the symbols and characters blinking out it. But mom could tell they’re part of a very important message. So she recorded most of it with her phone.

It was actually after the transmission that things started to get really weird. When mom asked her hosts about the portal, they were overly discrete about it. As if they were afraid to talk about the event of the century. At first, mom couldn’t understand such an attitude, but that changed when she checked her phone. The recording had mysteriously disappeared, as if nothing had happened.

Precisely 33:33:33 later, the first ships appeared in the sky of São Paulo! Seklos and Gaylen were the first things dad and grandma saw when they came out of the penthouse. The two biggest battleships ever seen on Earth, only a few meters away.

As it’s known, Seklos was hit during the first battle and fell down on them. According to dad, “with the impact, I hugged grandma as if I’d never see her again. Then the red blast came!” Nobody knows how but they survived. When they opened up their eyes, the downed ship was just beside them. When dad finally managed to come back to himself, he reached for the pilot’s window. He was not expecting what he found.

Ernani. The most tech averse person in the family. Grandpa. Seklos’ pilot. An utter shock!

Mostly unbelievable yet, he turns to dad and say: “son, it’s time you know.” And begins to reveal the story of our lives.

Prompted contribution



What I wasn’t expecting is that he would be there, almost as if waiting for me. Was he planing this all along? Did he choose to meet in this location just to have the pleasure of seeing me entering the falafel shop? No! I was being paranoid. It sure was just a coincidence.

‘Ralph? I though you didn’t like Middle Eastern cuisine’, I joked. 'I don’t. I’m waiting for Clarice. You know they love this place. Besides, it’s convenient. I’m just a few steps away from our meeting point.’ He tried to sound convincing, but I still wasn’t sure if he was being totally honest.

He looked down and continued. ‘Thank you for wearing this stupid t-shirt. I know it looks awful.’ I couldn’t believe my ears. Was my brother agreeing with me? 'Also, I shouldn’t have said that. About you gaining weight. I’m sorry!’

As if precisely scheduled, Clarice arrived before I had any time to process such a rare event. Still at shock, I was forced to turn my full attention to them. As usual, we didn’t have much more than a few minutes in their presence so Ralph went straight to the point: ’were the colors vivid enough this time?’

Silence. Raised tensions. After all, a “no” meant another full month of hard work in the studio.

Before they replied, Clarice asked me to leave. They argued that I didn’t have permission to hear about the experiment’s results. Given how little I cared for the lab and its experiments, I happily headed to the counter to get my order.

‘Eine falafel bitte.’

‘fuck those scars’, I thought. ‘Alles!’