BBU application - response by cktc

Unpromted contribution

it’s 2 am
and we
we could
stay up all


it’s 2 am
and i’m


fight me
if you so
if you dare
but you’re


soft, little
hearts love
to fall deep
into the


trust hurts
like pleasure
and disgust
wrapped into


trauma is
sweet fear
pain hidden
in parts we

don’t know

/ free me
from myself

Prompted contribution



She’s silent now. But maybe she once talked. Talked of tales, of things that made the fire burn bright in her eyes.

She’s silent now. A glimmer of what she once was. She sips coffee like a cough sweet, holding her throat as if it will close in on her. Her hand shaking, trembling with the caffeine.

She’s scared. She’s blissfully aware. Eyes shot blood in golden dreams.

But nobody could stop her dreaming. She’d sleep like a baby, dream like a child, and become frail and old again when she woke.

But she was young at heart and her desire would remain. But this she was too afraid to let anybody know.