BBU application - response by bimi2020

Unpromted contribution

How do we live in a world where we are free of choice, but we feel terrible about making that choice?
I am always amazed about the types of choice we have, specially being a woman, of a developing country; growing up with an alternative family never limited my ability to make a choice, but now that I live outside this bubble, I realize how it is really hard to have a satisfying and fulfilling choice you are happy about.
It depends of so many factors, for example, now you have the choice of buying organic, but you don´t have the budget to buy all of your shopping list local grown/produced, being able to provide yourself a better quality of life and for the planet, but in the end, you can´t.
This happens as well with being a young professional, you can choose working in matters you are passionate about, but you can´t because you need to start somewhere, and this means: do what you can, with what you have, where you are, but at the end it doesn’t sound bad, or does it?

Prompted contribution



Protests are happening all around the world, this makes you feel comfort of knowing a lot of people feels like you, but worried that this continuing protests will make you feel worse, wanting to end it all.

All the aspects of your live are questioned, are you doing enough?, are you helping enough?, reading all the comments of social media about we should be grateful of our own lives, even if we are living hard situations, makes you question if there is really something to be thankful of, or if you are just living in the wrong time.

Time goes by and all the happy and joyous news from the new year get stained by all that is happening in the world, which is our world, that we all share, but everywhere you look seems like we don´t even stand each other.