Bad romance

Just after breakfast, she went out for a walk to clear her thoughts before work. She didn’t actually have to work, but she did it just for fun, to enjoy the normal ways of life. She had just eaten a big meal of cornflakes and was therefor in the mood for romance. A short delightful romance that would enlighten her in her future conquests.

A butterfly swooshed passed her shoulders and touched her cheek with its wings. It gave her a shivering sensation all down her spine. She smelled the sweet smell of sunflowers. She felt something was in the air.

Suddenly she could not stop herself staring, in-front of her a man with long flowing hair. The curves of his body guaranteed to make any woman desire him. She felt a flicker of rage at the sight of his beauty, her desire spread down to her powerful groin and made her panties all wet. For her most men were forgettable, although sometimes she would recall a beautiful back or some talented lips and tongues. This man reminded her of a water creature she had studied a while ago, and when he lifted his bright brown eyes toward her she felt her hammer of her heart.

He went up to her and smiled with a hot smile and said:

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“Hey there! Sorry to bother you, I’m new around here and I’m a bit lost. Can you help me?” His voice was deep and musky. His sensitive worried face contrasted with the chiseled jawline and long flowing hair. How could she possibly not help such a creature in need?

“Yeah…of course” her voice trailed.

“Thanks. I need help finding this place - I’m seeing an apartment today, hopefully moving in next week if it’s good” he took out his phone. It was a Samsung. He opened up Google Maps, caressing the screen sensitively with his thick meaty fingers.

One Hundred Sixty-Nine Big Oak Street.

“Oh I’m heading in the same direction!” she replied holding back her enthusiasm as much as she could. What a catch, what luck, she thought; spending time with the sexiest newcomer in a decade and on his first day in town too. She’d know his address, if he did decide to stay, she could be the first to visit. Cut off his supply of other women. Become his one and only before the catch was caught again. “I’ll take you there”.

“Really? You don’t have to”

Oh~what a sensitive soul

“I’d love to”

“Thanks so much! My name’s Danny by the way”.

A name fit for a god.

“Sarah” her voice trailed “nice to meet you”.


Sarah found the whole affair rather quizzical yet torturous.

These early stages of his transition made her pulse
yet she recognized the fetishizing nature of her possessive desires.

She was turned on
and hoped to turn him on as well

Over the next few hours, Danny and Sarah chatted profusely about their lives. Danny loved animals. He was also a a bit of a klutz, he forgot things, dropped his phone - he even almost got on the wrong bus at one point. It was incredibly cute and Sarah loved every moment of it.

But Sarah found out something even deeper about him. He had just come out of a toxic relationship. His ex-girlfriend was a crazy woman who had ignored his every need, but he stayed with her because he loved her. What a sensitive soul; how could someone so sensitive and hot be treated so terribly, Sarah pondered.

“We’re here” said Sarah as they arrived at Big Oak Street. The avenue was lined with thick wood, that’s naturally where the name of the street came from. The house they stood in front was similarly imposing, a little musky, she thought, but a good place.

“Thanks a lot!” exclaimed an excited Danny. His voice resonated in her head; she swooned without knowing and only found out because she saw a confused and worried Danny looking at her as she briefly saw stars.

“Oh, yes. Of course” she giggled “See you around some time? When are you leaving?”

“Well the place looks great, I’ll probably take it” he replied “So I’ll be back next week with my stuff. I’ll let you know. Want to grab some food tonight, maybe?”

“That would be…” come on Sarah, pick the right word “heavenly”.

“Great! I’ll be done at 6, I’ll follow the route you taught me back to town”.

It was awkward. They both didn’t know whether they should hug. They had just met a few hours ago, but it seemed like they’ve known each other for years. They decided against it.

What a shame, thought Sarah, her insides were still reverberating from his voice alone. But maybe tonight…

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Sarah was thinking about Danny and got very sad for reasons she couldn’t understand. She sang this to herself instead.

The next few hours were the most excruciating that Sarah had ever been through. She couldn’t focus on doing anything because her mind kept wondering back to the massive bulge in Danny’s pants (yes, of course she had been looking!). As hard as she could, she couldn’t run all her errands and ended up just going home for a cold shower.

It was 5 by the time her shower was done. “Shit” she thought to herself. Where had the time gone? She only had an hour left before Danny would be done. She needed to look good, feel good, be sexy. Flipping on the radio, Eric Clapton was playing - ironically she had been humming Clapton all afternoon - maybe Danny had magic powers as well as a hopefully magic cock.

Thinking about that strap on. Hand selected, designed for pleasure. Coloured whichever way he fancied. She would submit her body to whatever he liked, he was the dom she had been waiting for and despite the orgasm that built as she considered his body, she resisted the urge to touch herself.

She might cum fast at first, but that would just be at first.