An invitation

I spent the last few days under a spell. I saw the full moon pull free from the hills. The edge of the day burning away, the clouds, rhythmic, torn and worn, forlorn. The infinite threads, those that bind the galaxy and those that bind you and me, the calligraphy, in trails of pixels, lines of light, the sky map slowly shifting. From whereever you may be I hope you can see.
We are astounded and surrounded by beauty.
Time is dissolving.
A new era awaits.

I have waited for this moment for a long time, trying to pass myself of as one of you.
Trying to fit in, in a world not made for me.
Hoping beyond hope that the dawn would finally come.
Now I see a glimmer of light and for the first time there is a chance that me and my siblings might get to live and not simply survive.

A record on a turntable, lights strung between the trees, a dance with you, my love. A summer night, a spectacular sunrise, the voice of laughter, of children. Of talents nurtured of people who are unafraid to love. Of music, flowing through every vein of every leaf and the bloom, subtle slow and manifold. A cherry blossom supernova, all the rhythms and cadence of these seasons. Here we are here, and with grace and the curve of time these smiles become us. We are, the edge of this land, seeds to seedlings as they touch the soil.