We wish to acknowledge the following for their assistance in the burning of the Great House at Chatsworth Estate, Santa Maria, West Indies, 1830. We have placed within these pages, first person accounts of former workers, participants in the movement to end the experimentation on the islands that enslaved many to a substance that we never needed.
Some names stand out as leaders and visionaries. They had the foresight to recognize that, should we all come together as a single unit, we had the power to overthrow the wealth that enslaved us for one hundred years. One century is motivation enough to create another anniversary. First, we thank the Almighty for the strength to push forward.

And now, we thank the persons who did his bidding: (Note: The original names of these persons were lost. The following are Christian names given by Her Majesty’s servants and those of the Church):
Elizabeth Hutchinson, Glendale Philips, Harvey Williams, Victoria George and Olivia Wodehouse.
Fortunately, others from another continent have retained their original names with some modification under the British ear.
Ramaya Roman (Raman), Prabhoo Champa Baran (Name lost. He came from the area known as Chidambaran, India), Usha Near (Nayar), Go Paul (Gopal) Persad (Prasad).

While tongues and priests have caused a disruption in naming, we do wish to express our gratitude to the colonial office for the changes rendered. Our current names contain the history of our lot on these islands.

We also wish to extend gratitude to…


Our people, for their trickery and the consequent sale of their kinsmen. Had it not been for such deception, deception commonly attributed to the devil, this defined by Catholic teaching, it is noteworthy that we do not consider this treachery. Oshun and Ganga led us here, albeit onboard death vessels. The voyage, rough and tragic for those thrown overboard, our lot is now better. Here, the burning of the Great House could not have been achieved, had it not been for our successors in this imperial experiment.

The destruction of the Great House is our liberation. But, had it not existed, our people would have continued to live mindless lives, not recognizing that more could be had of their lives. The Great House, massa’s cruelty, lit the first torch. The light gave us hope. Those flames brought us out.

Our thanks to our brothers and sisters of the other lands who came together to dismantle the system. It could only be in unity that we could create our future. Our elders warned us that oppression was only in our minds. We never realized that our hands and feet were free. They were right.

The accounts herein record voices of men and women of the movement. Men and women who worked the lands and brought the wisdom of their lands with them.