A Tinder Tale 2


When she was in juvie, she got teased for being an albino woman of colour, but she needn’t worry now. She was unusually beautiful. “Very editorial,” it had been said. She was imprisoned at 16 for breaking and entering. It was the only time she ever got caught. Bad times. Some young people are sociopaths because they haven’t learnt to use their empathy muscles yet and don’t have a decent role model to discover kindness as a life tool from. Although she did weep when the bears finally forgave her publicly. She did feel, she did, despite what the papers made her out to be. There had been a concurrent case between her trespassing on the bear residency and the fact that the bears aggressively attacked her on finding her in their child’s bed. They had just come back from a funeral and tender grief mixed with sherry had made a complex situation worse. Both the bear family and Goldilocks eventually had some real talk and had learnt a great deal together. But, too often did she feel the snarling rage of passing bears in the street. She felt singled out which is why she relocated. Less huff and puff.

And behold, Rumplestiltskin, a true gaslighting weirdo who also learnt the hard way. The penitentiary really made him and he thrived. He ran his own workshops even and real talked and hugged his soul alive.

What wonderful happenstance they both swiped right.

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